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Our Story

Woodeaton Care is a family-run independent employment agency based in Oxfordshire. With over 25 years of experience in the health and social care sector, we collaborate with local authorities, NHS Trusts, nursing,residential homes, and private clients.

Established in 2021, Woodeaton Care continues to strive to address the challenges of our overstretched healthcare system by assisting businesses in tackling the ever-growing shortages in the workforce due to the pandemic. To make a difference, we help professionals take control of their working lives by connecting them with the right teams, delivering outstanding nursing, care, and support services to local communities nationwide.

Ethical, friendly, and experienced in meeting our clients’ needs, we aim to provide a reliable service that respects the requirements of our clients, service users, and families.

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Simon Bishop 

Business Manager 

With 30 years of experience managing large teams of people in local authority, Simon is dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our care professionals and organisations while dealing with all financial matters and making sure that the goals of Woodeaton Care are being met.

He constantly drives the business forward and ensures that policies and procedures are followed by making sure that everyone on the team is adhering to statutory regulations. So that everyone involved in our service is safe at work. Simon also leads our investigations into concerns and complaints.

Gertrude Chacha

RGN Care Manager 

The Care Manager is ultimately responsible for all clinical operations within Woodeaton Care. Gertrude is a qualified well experienced health and social care professional. Having worked extensively in the NHS, private clinical practice, nursing, and residential homes for 30 years. Gertrude is well conversant in contemporary issues in social care.

In addition to the front-line medical professionals, it takes extensive support to ensure that Woodeaton Care runs efficiently.


The Care Manager finds and recruits only the very best candidates for our business. She is responsible for direct supervision of the caregiving staff, resolves scheduling issues, answers caregiver questions, ensures client visits are made on schedule, and mitigates staffing problems as they arise. She is the direct line manager of all healthcare workers on our team.


Nurses and Healthcare assistants typically make up the caregiving staff of and are the front-line service providers at Woodeaton Care. These highly trained and licensed professionals work directly with Clients and aim to provide a reliable service that is respectful of the requirements of our clients, service users, and families. These Professionals provide personal care since they are the ones who monitor residents 24 hours a day, they are also the first responders when a medical emergency occurs. These frontline staff members report to the client's nursing manager in charge of their floor.


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