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Welcome to Woodeaton Care, where the harmonious blend of compassion and excellence defines who we are.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Recruitment Needs, While You Focus on Providing Exceptional Care

About Us...

Woodeaton Care is a family-run Independent employment agency based in Oxfordshire. We have over 25 years of experience working in the health and social care sector. Collaborating with Local authorities, NHS Trusts, Nursing, and Residential homes.

At Woodeaton Care we provide a service that is committed to supporting life’s journey.

Established in 2021 Woodeaton Care continues to strive to combat the woos of our overstretched health care system by assisting businesses to tackle ever-growing shortages in the workforce as a consequence of the pandemic.

In order for our business to make a difference, we help professionals take control of their working lives by connecting them with the right teams. Delivering outstanding nursing, care, and support services to local communities nationwide.

Ethical, friendly, and experienced in meeting our clients’ needs we aim to provide a reliable service that is respectful of the requirements of our clients, service users, and families.

We built Woodeaton Care to support the backbone of your business. As a start-up, we aim to be innovative and continuously evolve in the way we deliver care.

Our Values...

Trust - Central to everything we do, the relationships we form with service users, staff, health and social care professionals, is trust. We are transparent and honest in all of our dealings in order to build lasting relationships that provide value for all parties.

Passion - We are passionate about what we do and the difference we make to the people who receive our service. Passion is what drives the company and all our staff forward ensuring we continue to deliver superior services.

Community - Bringing employment opportunities and offering care to service user from people in their community, encouraging inclusion and participation in the community.

Passionately Committed to Enriching Life's Pathway

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